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History of Martha Hill

Beauty Secrets

History of Martha Hill - Beauty Secrets

Woman Magazine 1977.

Beauty tips from the famous (who we often feel we know well) are always fascinating to discover. We all think someone else knows something we don't and that quite possibly it's the special secret that's going to make a miracle transformation. To indulge this fantasy, here are some beauty tips from the famous on how they help themselves to look and feel their best - and they're all practical, too!


A well-known and influential lady on the fashion scene she, too, has entered the cosmetic world with her own range of skin care and make-up products. At 67, she pooh-poohs the growing-old-gracefully idea. "I want to grow old disgracefully," she says. The photographer who took her picture, told her that he saw her as a romantic person-hence the hat. Says Martha, "l was extremely flattered . . . after all I am cracking up a bit! I believe that everyone has a lot to offer. We should all want to be interesting - that's my aim, anyway."

She follows a strict cleanse, tone and moisturise routine using, of course, her own products . She regards the sun as the skin's most deadly enemy. "Always use a cosmetic screener or, better still wear a hat in the sun or use a parasol for protection." It's the natural exercises which she considers are the most beneficial - walking, swimming, bicycling and horse-riding. "I don't recommend violent exercise especially if the body isn't accustomed to doing anything more vigorous than housework." Natural foods are also high on her list of beauty bonuses. "The earth provides wonderful foods which aren't used enough. At this time of year you can make marvellous salads with raw vegetables, grated celery and watercress - but not the stuff grown in boxes, the big river cress." Because meat and fish are expensive, cut down on these in the summer, she advises, but eat plenty of cheese. "Look what it did for Lord Byron!"

Martha's keep-cool tip: "Wear loose, non-synthetic clothes. Tight-fitting ones might be sexy, but they make you feel sweaty."

History of Martha Hill - Beauty Secrets

Martha, aged 67.